Oregon Horsemanship

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Founded on the belief that every horse deserves a forever home where they are loved and appreciated, Oregon Horsemanship soon grew into a full horsemanship program in order to support the horses. When people ask where we get our horses we respond that “they find us”. With varied backgrounds, sometimes issues both mental and physical, or just to live out their in in our “bed and breakfast”, they have found a place where they are understood. Compassion, love, and patience is found at our barn for both people and horses.

When starting the program, what we soon found is that by fostering the relationship between horses and people-especially kids and their families-we shared a passion for what we do. Using “horsemanship” skills, we promote a program where the horse is a partner in our learning. While not all the horses we take in can do a job, they are all taken care of to the best of our ability for the rest of their lives. A soft spot to land with lots of carrots and hugs, and the love of many is found here.

Our program uses all aspects of horsemanship skills and care to create a relationship that is respectful, loving, and rewarding for both the human and the horse

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