Grooming time can be so much fun with friends!


The campers love the groundwork and doing obstacle courses.

Riding outside is a favorite of the campers.  


Even chore time can be fun doing it with friends.

Even Lilly teaches horse science and education time 🙂


Basic riding skills are taught in a safe environment.

What Parents Say

“My kids have been attending camps here for several years. It is a really great program with a lot of heart. The horses are wonderful, well loved, and well cared for. The 4-H kids who help with the camps are so sweet and great with the younger kids. I love that they have camps when school is out, and I’m excited about all the new programs offered (I’ve been dying to do a camp myself!!)”

Aurora S.

More Testimonials

“There are so many things to recommend about this camp! The students are able to take the time to increase their self-confidence at their own speed. The more they want to do the more they are encouraged to do, they become leaders as they gain more experience. They learn about horse personalities and since these are older rescue horses, they learn their special needs and even the medications they need. Kids are also recognized for their own special needs and encourage to lean teamwork and leadership. We can’t wait to go back!!!”

debbie s.

more testimonials

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