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Letitia and Alyssa bring their true love of horses to humans that desire more than just a ride





Letitia Weikel-Peterson
Owner and Founder

Letitia has an extensive background in working with horses.  She found at a young age that horses brought more to her than just an animal to ride. She found herself when she was with horses and they helped her navigate her young life. As an adult she bought her first “adult” horse, Apollo, and owned him for over 25 years. She always called him her “heart” horse because she found her peace when she was with him. With Apollo gone, Melody is her current “heart” horse and Apollo loved them both. Over 12 years ago she founded a program rescuing and homing horses that didn’t have a home and started sharing them with people. Over the years she realized that as with her own childhood and adult life, horses bring more to people in many ways.  Taking her many years of experience riding and training, her passion for sharing knowledge of the care and partnership with the horse, and her desire to bring horses and humans together she created a unique experience where her students partner with the horses and create relationships that most people dream of.

Certifications:  Equine Experiential Education Certification

Awards:  2018 Salem Saddle Club High Point Buckle Winner with Breezie
2018 Oregon Cowboy Western Dressage Alliance Most Improved and Riding for Cancer Survivor Award on Ty

2017 Oregon Horsemen’s Association 142 & Under Showmanship, English and Western Equitation on Lilly

Letitia and Melody


Letitia and Hottie

“No you can’t have my coffee Hottie!!!”

Letitia and Ty

Having fun at a show

Alyssa Hauser
Barn Manager and Assistant Instructor

After spending time as a working student with a local dressage trainer, Alyssa started working with Letitia when she was only 16 and joined her 4H group.  When the other trainer left the country Alyssa started on her journey with Letitia to build the type of program that would build relationship and partnership with the horse while teaching lessons and holding activities at the barn.  After college, Alyssa went full time taking in second chance horses (yes, she’s in on it too 🙂 ) and helping to create a program to take care of them.  Being involved every step of the way means that Letitia and Alyssa teach the same techniques and have similar philosophies.  Teaching and taking on barn management responsibilities keeps Alyssa really busy, but in her spare time she likes to build a relationship with her ducks and pursue other passions such as reading and crocheting.  Her love of the horses and her belief in how important family is means that Alyssa helps to create the barn family that our families are a part of and is someone our young people look up to.


Alyssa and Hottie


Alyssa and Lilly

Her Heart Horse

Alyssa and Rose

Easter Egg Hunt

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