Small Group Events (as soon as things are open up again)

Cohort/Stable Group
Friday 1:00-3:00
Cost:  $280 for a 4 week month
This are set up as a horsemanship event with life skill building activitiese from chores, education, EAL activities, herd observation (a favorite).  Horse time varies weekly frpm grooming, groundwork, obstacles, EAL actiities, and riding mixed in.  Riding is not a weekly activity in this event as there is so much more.

Wednesday mornings
We are taking names for Wednesday morning groups.

Summer Camps

Full day

Cost:  $450/week
Hours:  Monday-Thursday 9-3

           Friday 9-1
June 21 (full)
June 28 (full)
July 19 (full)

July 26 (full)
August 2 (full)
August 9 (full)
August 23 (full)


Days Off

Memorial Day Camp

Time:  9:00-1:00
Cost:  $70/Camper



Parent’s Time Out (PTO) Camps

Dates TBD

Hours:  4:00 – 8:00
Cost:  $80/camper 


Special Events

Family Day



Girl Scout Events

Mount Up Events

To be rescheduled

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